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How To Get Toned and Lean

How To Get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comA lot of you all are always wondering what we do for our workouts, and more specifically, what we do for our workouts. To be honest, it is hard to answer that in one, easy answer, so we thought we would break it down for you all in a blog post! Before we get into how to get lean and toned, we want to talk about this workout outfit that is probably one of our go-to looks, especially for workout classes like yoga, or even just going to the gym on your own!

This is one of those outfits that you can wear straight to brunch or lunch after, or even to run errands, without looking frumpy! These leggings are seriously SO soft, you will want to live in them and never take them off. The sneakers (read more about our fave sneakers in yesterday’s post) are super comfy, and great for weight training workouts. The tank is lightweight, so it is great for sweaty workouts, and the color is so fun!How To Get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comTo answer the question, “How do you get toned and lean,” can be kind of tricky, and a loaded question. There is not a one-word answer, and the things that we do will work for everyone, but how long it takes and the exact amounts of exercise, nutrition, etc is different for everyone.
How To Get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comHow To Get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comFirst off, cardio is important. We do anywhere from 20-40 minutes a day. We will switch it up between a long walk outside, a run outside, or a machine in the gym like the stairmaster, elliptical, arc trainer, bike, etc. We wear our Apple watches, so we can monitor our heart rates. You want to make sure that your heart rate is elevated and that you’re keeping it up the whole time. You want to find some kind of cardio that your somewhat enjoy (you’re not going to love it every single day) because if you skip out on it, you won’t be in shape cardiovascular-wise, and also you won’t be able to see the muscle you’ve put on if you have a fat on top of it (you will just feel puffy and big, if that makes sense?) We shared our fave cardio workouts here and here.How To Get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comNutrition is also key. If you don’t stick to unprocessed foods most of the time, you will not only feel well, but you will also not be able to see your hard-earned work in the gym. We have talked about what we eat in this post , but we stick to lean proteins (chicken, fish, eggs, etc) and fruits and veggies.
How To Get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comWe lift weights anywhere from 5-6 days a week. We talked about how to lift weights in this post and how to get toned legs and arms.
How To Get Toned Legs | In addition to all of those main things, we also take yoga at Exhale Spa in Dallas and have tried a few other workout classes that we will incorporate once in a while! Exhale Spa is offering a few promotions this month that we wanted to share:

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